State Grants

State Grants and Money

Our state grants gives you access and information to the free money that states throughout the United States gives away.

All States require that part of their budget be set aside for residents of that state.  These monies are used in many ways for business.  Some are Grants – you don’t have to pay them back, the others are loans – you’d have to pay it back but the interest is usually very low.

When you see a “?” next to the name that means that we didn’t find the grant yet.  It doesn’t mean that the state doesn’t offer grants, we just have to continue the research.

Alabama Development Office

Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development

Arizona Commerce Authority

Arkansas Industrial Development Commission

California Business Portal

Colorado Office of Business Development

Connecticut Office of Small Business Services – ?

Delaware Development Office

Enterprise Florida

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Hawaii Department of Business and Economic Development and Tourism

Idaho Department of Commerce

Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs

Indiana Department of Commerce

Iowa Department of Economic Development

Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing

Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development

Louisiana Department of Economic Development

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development

Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

Massachusetts Office of Business Development

Michigan Strategic Fund

Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office

Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development

Missouri Business Assistance Center

Montana Department of Commerce

Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Nevada Small Business Advocate

New Hampshire Economic Development

New Jersey Office of Small Business and Women and Minority Assistance

New Mexico Department of Economic Development

New York Empire State Development

North Carolina Department of Commerce

North Dakota Economic Development and Finance

Ohio Development Services Agency

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Oregon Economic Development Department

Pennsylvania Department Of Community & Economic Development

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

South Carolina Department of Commerce

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Texas Wide Open For Business

Utah Governor’s Office Of Economic Development

Vermont Agency Of Commerce And Community Development

Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Washington Department Of Commerce

West Virginia Development Office

Wisconsin Department Of Commerce

Wyoming Economic Development Agency